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Grover’s Algorithm is a quantum search algorithm that can search for a value or element in an unsorted set in O(√N) as opposed to…Continue reading on Medium
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About me I am a software development engineer who is currently working at Mentor Graphics, India. I have studied Computer Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology. The problem...
Planet Python Response to overwhelming I made this posts.
I have recently seen the rant against these posts flooding this subreddit and I agree with many of the points. 1. This sub is filled with creations more than discussion. 2. The original purpose of this sub was not this. With this, I have decided to form a new community solely dedicated to...
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Top Level comments must be Job Opportunities. Please include Location or any other Requirements in your comment. If you require people to work on site in San Francisco, you must note that in your post. If you require an Engineering degree, you must note that in your post. Please include as much...
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ced wrote: Space Grey Ipad Air With Graph on Brown Wooden Table1280à 960 251 KB We are proud to announce the 5.6 release of Tryton. This release provides many bug fixes and some significant improvements. Among other changes you will find big improvements in the cost...
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The Python Software Foundation is looking for a Project Manager to assist with CPython’s migration from bugs.python.org to GitHub for issue tracking. CPython’s development partially moved to GitHub in February 2017. All other projects within the PSF’s organization are hosted on GitHub and are using...
Planet Python Reuven Lerner: Become more fluent with Python functions in just 15 weeks
A new cohort of Weekly Python Exercise A2 (“Functions for beginners”) starts tomorrow Tuesday, May 5th. If you’ve been using Python for less than one year, and want to write better, more powerful, more idiomatic functions that do more with less code then this is the course for...
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Working with dates and times is one of the biggest challenges in programming. Between dealing with time zones, daylight saving time, and different written date formats, it can be tough to keep track of which days and times you’re referencing. Fortunately, the built-in Python datetime module can...
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Practical Business Python 09h I made this robust Instagram Bot that checks who’s not following you back, mass follows & unfollows people on your behalf at a safe rate for organic...
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Zac Hatfield-Dodds opened his presentation with a paraphrase of the economist Thomas Schelling: No matter how rigorous her analysis or heroic his imagination, no person can write a test case that would never occur to them. Hatfield-Dodds told the Language Summit, handwritten tests are ...
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x6700;近朋友在做與品牌相關的議題,需要建 Knowledge Graph...
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Good news for Python developers and the PyCharm community We are soft-launching today a dedicated YouTube channel for PyCharm where we will share weekly curated content including quick tips & tricks, webinars, interviews, and much more The Python IDE for Professional Developers PyCharm is ...
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Yellowbrick released Version 1.1 on February 25, 2020. If you haven’t yet upgraded simply type pip install yellowbrick -U or conda install -c districtdatalabs yellow-brick into your terminal command prompt to get it. The major improvement in v1.1 is introducing quick methods or one-liners to...
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Web scraping is extracting desired information from a webpage. I will share how to scraping a website and yell.com is study case for this…Continue reading on Medium
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